Volume III of the Ask the Physicist books

I am pleased to announce the publication of the third volume of the Ask the Physicist series of books based on Q&As originally published on the site. This third volume, PHYSICS IS..., The Physicist Explores Attributes of Physics, is  based on Q&As submitted to www.AskThePhysicist.com. As in the first two books, this book is aimed at the layperson who wishes to understand physics without excessive mathematics and formalism. The first two books covered areas of physics—Newtonian mechanics, special relativity, electromagnetism and light, quantum physics, nuclear physics, etc. I decided to structure this new book differently, creating chapters exploring the attributes of physics: Physics Is PracticalPhysics Is BeautifulPhysics Is SurprisingPhysics Is CoolPhysics Is Frivolous, and Physics Isn't... The book may be purchased online at Morgan & Claypool (publishers of the book) or Amazon. A digital version for eReaders (epub format) is also available at Morgan & Claypool and a Kindle version is available at Amazon.